Regional centers for the support of civil society development

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The improvement of the existing infrastructure on the regional level for equal development of CSOs is one of the measures defined by the National strategy for the creation of an enabling environment for civil society development from 2012 to 2016. Over the past few years a solid regional infrastructure for the support of civil society development has been established in the Republic of Croatia. Since 2007 the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, in the partnership with five regional networks of specialized CSOs, has worked on the implementation of the Program of regional development and enhancing capabilities of CSOs and other legal entities in the areas of Dalmatia, central Croatia, north-western Croatia, as well as in the west and the east of Croatia. By providing systematic support in the fields of information, consultations and education on the local and regional level, a significant contribution is made to the equal regional development and capacities of CSOs and civil initiatives. 

After signing the new Partnership Agreement in 2013, the implementation of an enhanced support system was started under the name of the Program of Regional Development of Civil Society and Local Communities in the Republic of Croatia. The aim of this Program is to improve the existing infrastructure for equal regional development of civil society, development of active citizenship and social capital in local communities, as well as the preparation for the use of EU funds (IPA IV and European Social Fund). 

The new expanded network model of the Program includes strong and efficient Regional networks formed by the Regional support centers and their related county collaborative organizations. 

Associations can get information, consultation and educational services, free of charge, via the following regional network programs:


The program is implemented by the following organizations:
The Center for civil initiatives (the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County)
P: 01 4819 516
F: 01 4920 795

The IKS Association (Sisačko-moslavačka County)
P/F: 044 814 562

Alliance for a Fair Society (Bjelovarsko-bilogorska County)
P/F: 043 217 413

S.O.S. – consultation, empowerment, cooperation (Virovitičko-podravska County)
P: 033 721 500
F: 033 721 922


The program is implemented by the following organizations: 

Autonomous center – ACT (Međimurska County)
P: 040 390 047
M: 098 395 714
F: 040 390 048

Network of associations ZAGOR (Krapinsko-zagorska County)
P: 049 222 635
M: 098 183 1380

Association for the Croatian Sustainable Development (Koprivničko-križevačka County)
P: 048 853 722
M: 098 933 2406  

Public Open University Varaždin (Varaždinska County)
P: 042 313 191, 042 213 138
M: 099 233 7502, 099 233 7504
F: 042 313 475


The program is implemented by the following organizations:

The association "Mi" Split (Splitsko-dalmatinska County)
P: 021 329 130

The Zadar City Library (Zadarska County)
P: 023 301 101 

The association "ZvoniMir" (Šibensko-kninska County)
P: 022 662 554

The association "Deša" Dubrovnik (Dubrovačko-neretvanska County)
P: 020 420 145


The program is implemented by the following organizations: 

The Volunteer center Osijek (Osječko-baranjska County)
P: 031 211 306

PRONI Center for Social Education, the Vukovar branch (Vukovarsko-srijemska County)
P: 032 441 612
Information Legal Center (Brodsko-posavska County)
P: 035 448 533

The association "Oppidum" (Požeško-slavonska County)
P: 034 251 114


The program is implemented by the following organizations: 

The association "Smart" Rijeka (Primorsko-goranska County)
P: 051 332 750
F: 051 330 470 

The association "Suncokret" (Istarska County)
P: 052 505 344
M: 099 8211 711

The association "Pokretač" (Ličko-senjska County)
P: 053 756 353 
F: 053 756 353 
M: 091 5674 329, 099 5141 105 
LAG Vallis Colapis (Karlovačka County)
P: 047 731 400 (the extension number 112)
M: 098 901 9685 (Milan Medić) and 091 585 3993 (Zrinka Pavlov)