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Announcement of NGOs’ Open Days 2016 NGOs’ Open Days 2016 will be held from 23rd to 25th of May 2016. 16.02.2016. | Page
Over 3000 users of e-consultations Since the launch of the state central website for consultations with the interested public at the end of April 2015, more than 400 consultations have been conducted by 35 state administration bodies and other public institutions via the e-consultations. 16.02.2016. | Page
The publication on public consultation process in Croatia released The publication named "The challenge of making public consultations meaningful in Croatia" was created by the researchers from the Michelsen Institute.  12.01.2016. | Page
Priorities of the programme Europe for citizens for 2016-2020 have been definedOn December 18th 2015 the European Commission adopted the Annual Work Programme for the Europe for Citizens Programme 2016, which defines the priorities of the Programme. 23.12.2015. | Page
Projects from Croatia receive 4 million HRK through Europe for Citizens Programme In 2015 eight beneficiaries from Croatia were successful in the calls for proposals within the Europe for Citizens Programme, by winning financial support in the value of almost 4 million HRK in a fierce competition with applicants from 32 participating countries. 21.12.2015. | Page
Food donations exempt from VAT Food donations have been exempt from VAT from today onwards, since the Amendments of the Regulation on VAT have entered into force. Food donations have been enabled by the Law on Agriculture that was enacted on March 6th 2015, but certain subordinate acts and regulations had to be enacted as well for its implementation. 08.12.2015. | Page
Tax Administration Directive referring to tax status of non-profit organizationsThe Tax Administration has drafted a Directive for its local offices concerning the tax status of non-profit legal entities.  10.11.2015. | Page
22 million kunas to associations for the protection of human rights and improving the position of Roma minorityOn the occasion of the completion of the process of contracting projects financed under EU grant IPA 2012, in the House of Europe ceremony of handing 22 contracts worth 22 million kunas was staged. 04.11.2015. | Page
e-Citizens Project pronounced the best project in Europe in the field of "Open Government for the Improvement of Public Services"At the global summit of the Open Government Partnership initiative, which was held on October 28th 2015 in Mexico City on the subject of “Open Government for the Improvement of Public Services”, the project of the Croatian government called e-Citizens won the first place in Europe. 29.10.2015. | Page