The Council Members

Members representing institutions of state administration and offices of the Government of the Republic of Croatia:

1. Ministry of Science and Education 

·         Member: Ivan Milanović Litre
·         Substitute member: Monika Vričko
2. Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy 
·         Member: Anica Ježić
·         Substitute member: Gordana Radonić
3. Ministry of Health 
-         Member: Tomislav Đidara
-         Substitute member: Sanjica Kiš
4. Ministry of Culture
·         Member: Boris Jurinić
·         Substitute member: Stipe Buljan
5. Ministry of War Veterans
·         Member: Nevenka Benić
·         Substitute member: Gorana Marić
6. Ministry of Finance
·         Member: Hajdica Filipčić
·         Substitute member: Katarina Nesterović
7. Ministry of Environment and Energy
·         Member: Mirela Balint
·         Substitute member: Žana Počuča
8. Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
-         Member: Daniel Glunčić
·         Substitute Member: Ivan Mintas
9. Ministry of  Administration
-        Member: Jagoda Botički
·         Substitute Member: Kristina Bosnić
10. Ministry of Labour and Pension System
·         Member: Katarina Ivanković Knežević
·         Substitute member: Miroslav Smetiško
11. Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds
          Member: Nikolina Klaić
          Substitute Member: Mato Pešut
12. Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia
·         Member: Karlo Ressler
·         Substitute member: Ana Balaband
13. Office for Human Rights
·         Member: Ines Loknar Mijatović
·         Substitute member: Aleksa Đokić
14. Office for Cooperation with NGOs
·         Member: Vesna Lendić Kasalo
·         Substitute member: Iva Rašić

15. National Foundation for Civil Society Development
·         Member: Cvjetana Plavša - Matić
·         Substitute member: Luka Bogdan

Members of the Council for civil society Development representing associations and other civil society organisations:
1. Democratisation, Rule of Law and Education Development,
·         Member: Eli Pijaca Plavšić
·         Substitute member: Martina Horvat
2. Youth Activity
·         Member: Monika Pažur
·         Substitute member: Darko Čop
3. Work of Associations Related to the Homeland War
·         Member: Igor Tkalec
·         Substitute member: Dražen Šantić
4. Culture
·         Member: Miljenka Buljević
·         Substitute member: Tomislav Domes
5. Child care
·         Member: Boris Vujnović
·         Substitute member: Matea Čondić
6. Care for People with Disabilities
·         Member: Mira Anić
·         Substitute member: Andreja Veljača
7. Social Affairs
·         Member: Vesna Krivošić
·         Substitute member: Maja Antonić
8. Sports
·         Member: Janja Ricov
·         Substitute member: Suzana Šop
9. Technical Culture
·         Member: Krešimir Čanić
·         Substitute member: Malden Plazibat
10. Protection and Promotion of Human Rights
·         Member: Emina Bužinkić
·         Substitute member: Ivan Novosel
11. Environment Protection and Sustainable Development
·         Member: Željka Leljak Gracin
·         Substitute member: Iris Beneš
12. Health Care and Promotion of Quality of Life
·         Member: Biserka Stojić
·         Substitute member: Suzana Fehlen
13. Consumer protection
·         Member: Sanja Keretić
·         Substitute member: Željko Tomašić

14. Turism
·         Member: Mihaela Turniški
·         Substitute member: Ivana Rušin Gligorić

Members of the Council for Civil society Development representing foundations, trade unions and employers’ associations:
1. Foundations
·         Member: Ines Vrban (Zajednički put Foundation, Zagreb)
·         Substitute member: Jelena Gordana Zloić (Slagalica Foundation)
2. Trade Unions
·         Member: Marija Hanževački (Croatian Independent trade Unions)
·         Substitute member: Darko Šeperić (Alliance of Independent Croatian Unions)
3. Employers’ Associations
·         Member: Marija Šutina (HUP – Croatian Employers’ Association)
·         Substitute member:  Iva Nappholz (HUP - Croatian Employers’ Association)

Members of the Council for Civil society Development representing national associations of local and regional self-governance
1. Croatian County Association
·         Member: Danijela Hećimović
·         Substitute member: Jasna Abramović
2. Association of Cities in the Republic of Croatia
·         Member: Nives Kopajtich Škrlec
·         Substitute member: Marko Ercegović

3. Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia
·         Member: Marko Kos
·         Substitute member: Vesna Fabris