Information Officer

The right to access information possessed by, managed or overseen by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs is regulated by the Law on Right to Access Information (Official Gazette 25/13, 85/15, 69/22).

Law prescribes the principles of the right of access, the exceptions to the right of access and the procedure for exercise of rights of access to information. The aim of the law is to grant information to physical and legal persons through the openness of work of public authorities, in accordance with law.

The right to information is realized by submitting a request to the Office for Cooperation with NGOs:

·         adress: Opatička 4, 10000 Zagreb
·         fax: 01/ 4599 811
·         e-mail:

Public body has the right to compensation for actual costs incurred by the applicant in connection with the provision of the information requested. The fee for access to information and payment of fees are prescribed by the Criteria for determining the amount of compensation of actual costs incurred and costs of delivery of information.

Information Officer in Office for Cooperation with NGOs: Darija Marić