Office for Cooperation with NGOs - Activities Report for 2015

The Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs has released the Activities Report for the year of 2015.

In 2015 the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs continued to carry out the activities related to:
  • improving the strategic and normative framework for civil society development
  • citizen, civil society and other interested stakeholder participation in shaping public policy
  • effective financing of projects and programmes of associations in the interest of the public good
  • EU project implementation
  • international cooperation
  • information and training

The total of 102 workshops were held on the usage of e-Consultations, implementation of the Law on Associations and the Regulation on the criteria, standards and procedures of financing and contracting programmes and projects in the interest of public good implemented by associations and the Europe for Citizens Programme. Also, 55 million HRK were paid from the EU funds for the projects under the Offi­ce's authority, while 38 new projects were contracted in the amount of 42 million HRK under the EU IPA 2012 grant schemes. The Office concluded 94 contracts on co-financing of EU projects implemented by associations with the total value of 5.577.618,48 HRK.

The Office employees responded to more than 2 600 inquires of citizens, associations, institutions.

Here you can download the report in its digital form.