Annual plan of Calls for proposals of state administration bodies

The Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs has prepared an integrated annual plan of calls and other programs for financing of CSOs project/programs from public sources at national level in 2020

Pursuant to Article 57 of the Regulation on the criteria, benchmarks and procedures for financing and contracting programs and projects of interest to the common good implemented by civil society organisations (Official Gazette 26/2015), the Office prepared a consolidated Annual Plan and other programs for financing of CSOs project/programs from public sources at national level in 2020.
The Annual Plan for 2020 includes information on planned public calls that public donors plan to announce and fund in 2020. It contains 84 grant programs for projects and programs of civil society organizations with a total value of over HRK 444 million that will be awarded in 2020 by 23 donors (state administration bodies, government offices, public foundations and other public bodies at the national level). Project and programs will be financed by the state budget, from part of the revenue from games of chance (the so-called lottery funds) and foreign funds.
It is planned to finance over 6,300 projects and programs of civil society organizations in the areas of development of volunteerism, children's rights, non-institutional education, promotion of science, programs for students of national minorities, teaching assistants , promotion of human rights and rights of national minorities, democratization and development of civil society, culture, consumer, protection, health and the fight against addiction, social welfare, care for Croatian veterans and victims of the Homeland War, cooperation with LAGs, international development cooperation, media literacy, support to producers in the field of agriculture, legal clinics and in the field of crime and imprisonment, tourism professional associations, seekers of international protection, the environment, sports activities, employment support and other areas of interest to the common good.
The annual plan also comprises the indicative deadlines for the announcement and completion of calls, signing of contracts, and the information could be amended and updated as necessary.
Please note that the Annual Plan for 2020 does not contain information on planned funding from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program "Effective Human Resources 2014-2020", since the Annual Plan for the publication of the ESF Calls was published by the competent Ministry of Labor and the Pension System at European Social Fund web pages, and the Ministry is also responsible for regularly updating the publication plan.