HRK 54 million from the European Social Fund for the development of a program for the revitalization of publicly owned space through a partnership between civil society and the local community

A contract award ceremony was held for civil society organizations in Zagreb.

On the occasion of the completion of the process of contracting projects from the Call for Grants "Participation Areas - Development of a program for revitalization of publicly owned space through a partnership between CSOs and local communities", the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs organised award ceremony on 29 May 2020, at 14:00, in the Dverce Palace, in Zagreb.

This call, through the implementation of approved projects, aims to contribute to the development of community centers in the community as public spaces where members of the local community gather to implement group activities, use various forms of social support, obtain information on issues important for quality of life, i.e. various activities which are of interest for the quality functioning of the local community.
The call for a total value of HRK 120 million is intended to encourage and improve transparency in the planning of the use and allocation of publicly owned spaces, allocated to civil society organizations for use. Spatial revitalization programs should include programs and projects of interest to the common good, the implementation of which over a long or limited period of time provides visible added social value that raises the quality of life of the individual and improves the development of the wider community.
Projects contracted on the basis of the first Financing Decision are worth more than HRK 54 million, and are co-financed from the European Social Fund and the State Budget (budget lines of the Government Office for NGOs).
The representatives of CSOs signatories were greeted by the representatives of Intermediate Bodies, the Government Office for NGOs and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, the Managing Authority for the Implementation of the European Social Fund, the Ministry of Labor and Pensions System and the ESI Funds Coordination Body, the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds.