The Government invest 150 milion HRK in the pupularisation of STEM

In the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla the contracts were signed on the basis of the 3rd Decision on financing regarding the Call „Strengthening capacities of CSOs for popularisation of STEM“ for which 150 milliun HRK were assured from the European Social Fund.

On the occasion of finalizing one more part of the process of contracting of projects within the Call for Grants „Strengthening capacities of CSOs for popularisation of STEM“, Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs (GOfNGOs) organised the awarding ceremony for grant contract, on 29 June 2021. Projects contracted on the basis of the 3rd Decision on financing worth more than 44 million HRK and are co-financed from the European Social Fund as well as from the State Budget from the position of the GOfNGOs.
The Beneficiaries, the contracts signatories were welcomed in the introduction by the representatives of the bodies in the Management and Control System of the European Structural and Investment Funds in the Republic of Croatia in the period 2014-2020.
Mr Luka Bogdan, Deputy Director of the National Foundation for Cooperation with NGOs pointed out the following „I believe in new projects that will be the backbone of the future, and I hope that they will take Croatia forward, what is crucial for the promotion and advocacy of science.
The President of the Croatian Parliament Regional Development and EU funds Committee, Mr Marko Pavić stated: „Project brings more and more partnerships with academic institutions such as Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. I would like to emphasyze in particular that never more resources have been used to popularise STEM.“
Mr Velimir Žunec, state secretary in the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds said that he is hoping for popularisation of STEM, especially among young people and faculties students with the aim of advancing the country and staying young people in the Republic of Croatia.
The Director of the GOfNGOs, Helena Beus, explained that 150 million HRK has been ensured for this Call from the European Social Fund. She also added: „Today we are awarding 20 contracta with a total value of HRK 44.582.868,65. The goal is to build of the CSOs capacities for active participation of youth and general population in popularisation of STEM as well as greater visibility of scientific researches results. Besides, CSOs provide services for which the state doesn't have resources with less expenses, the same quality, participation of volunteers as well as the contirubution to the development of social capital. GOfNGOs will strive in the next period to contribute to the capacities building of the CSOs in order to their continuing active contribution to the good governance.
In the continuation of the ceremony, contracts were awarded to the present representatives of civil society organizations.