Presentation of the Union Programme Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) and Erasmus+ and Platforme EPALE

Joint event of the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs (GOfNGOs), the Agency for mobility and EU programmes, as well as the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education, on 16 December 2021, in Novska.

The Agency for Vocational and Adult Education, Agency for mobility and EU programmes and the GOfNGOs in cooperation with the Public Education Institution in Novska are jointly organising the presentation of the EPALE e-Platform for Vocational Education in Europe, as well as the possibilities of financing through the EU programmes Erasmus+ and Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values, which will be held on 16 December 2021 in Entrepeneurship Incubator PISMO in Novska, Radnička street 21.
Agency for Vocational and Adult Education will present EPALE e-Platform for Adult Education in Europe. EPALE is an Europen, multilingual community of experts in adult education enabling its members to connect and learn form colleagues across Europe, through blog posts, forums and partners search tools.
The new program began its seven-year journey with an increased budget of 26.2 billion euros, seeking to adapt to global challenges through the key priorities of inclusiveness, digital transformation and green and participatory priority. As one of the goals of the Erasmus+ programme is to improve the quality of adult education throughout Europe, the presentation will highlight the possibilities of participating in the Programme for all organisations active in the field of general adult education such as public universities, cultural centers, museums, libraries, associations and similar.
The Office for Non-Governmental Organizations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia will present the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values ​​Program (CERV). It is the largest program in the history of the European Union designed to protect and promote democracy, fundamental rights, transparency and good governance.
The new, centralized program covers the areas of the existing Europe for Citizens, Rights, Equality and Citizenship and DAPHNE programs, and is dedicated to strengthening a democratic Europe and raising awareness of the Union's rights and values ​​through financial support to the nonprofit and public sector.
You can download the programme of the event here.
Participation in the event is possible only after registration through the application form.
The number of participants is limited and we will close the applications after filling the allowed capacity.
Note: Participation requires a valid EU digital COVID certificate, respecting other epidemiological measures (wearing masks, disinfecting hands and maintaining a physical distance). Please inform us  at in case of subsequent inability to arrive.