Decision on financing to the associations applied for the Public Call „Communication support to community service programmes“

Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs (GOfNGOs) in cooperation with Croatian Association for Public Relations, rewarded three awards to associations that carry out activities aimed at solving crisis situations and building new models of aid and support.

This year theme of the Public Call was „Role and contribution of the CSOs in resolving crisis situations and building of new models of help and support“. The awarded associationg – the Centre for missing and abused children, Humanitarian organisation „Zajednica Susret“ (Community Contact) and the Association of women suffering from and treated for cancer „We are not alone“ will get pro bono expert communication support from the public relations mentors from the „Vrh komunikacije“, „Komunikativna“ and „Kind PR“ agencies in designing and implementing media and communication plans for the promotion of socially useful activities they carry out.
By the Decision on financing the associations applied to the Public Call „Communication support for community service programmes“, the GOfNGOs will award three financial support in the amount of HRK 30.000,00 from the State Budget which will ensure the financing of the costs of creating promotional materials and advertising the socially useful program of the association.