Reward „Media Sokrates“ awarded to the best teachers of media literacy

„Media Sokrates“ is a new reward, that, starting this year, is awarded by the Society for Communication and Media Culture to the best teachers, educators and expert assistant prominent in their projects and extracurricular activities in the field of media literacy.

At the ceremony in the Croatian State Archives, the Society for Communication and Media Culture presented awards to educational staff for their educational activities held in the school year 2022/2023 in kindergartens and schools aiming at media education of our youngest. The “Media Sokrates” Award winners for preschool education are Jelena Alpeza and Maja Radošević, in category of the primary school Jasenka Marmilić and the winner in the category of secondary school is Silvia Vladić Vrban. The Award Ceremony was organised with the support with the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs (GOfNGOs). The awards were handed by the State Secretary of the Croatian Ministry of Culture and media, Krešimir Partl, the Authorised to perform the duties of the Head of GOfNGOs, Helena Beus and the Head of Department of expert-pedagogic surveillance and Deputy Head of the Education and Teacher Training Agency, Gea Cetinić.

The President of the Reward “Media Sokrates” Committee, Lana Ciboci Perša pointed out criteria for the award: “When making the decision, we evaluated the quality of the implementation materials – from the clarity of the program, the learning outcomes, the teaching methods used and the active involvement of the students themselves in the implementation of the activities to the stimulation of the content for critical thinking, as well as media creativity”. She also told that the children are out future so the investment in educational workers is the investment for the world we want in the future and the “Media Sokrates” reward is a small contribution to that. The numerous other guests were presented at the Award Ceremony, including representatives of the National Centre for External Evaluation of Education, the Foundation Croatia for Children and the City Office for Education, Sport and Youth.

Although this is only the first year of awarding in total 55 application had been applied. Among them, 15 application are for activities in preschool institutions, 23 for activities in primary schools and 17 applications for implementation activities in secondary schools. The applications were received from all over Croatia – from southern Dalmatia to Istria and Kvarner through Central Croatia to Slavonia and Baranja.

Educational workers had possibility to apply by themselves or their headmasters could do it for them. Numerous letters written by the principals, show how much they themselves recognize the importance of media education in their educational institutions and how important it is that educators, teachers and professional associates have their support in the implementation of activities. The Committee consisted of five members had decided on the received applications: prof.Ph.D. Tamara Gazdić-Alerić and associate professor Marina Gabelica from the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, then president prof.Ph.D Danijel Labaš, vice president prof.Ph.D. Igor Kanižaj and vice president of the Society for Communication and Media Culture, Ph.D. Lana Ciboci Perša.

More information on the "Media Sokrates" Reward is available at: MEDIJSKI SOKRAT | Djeca Medija