NGOs' Open Days virtual discussion: Crisis situation = chance for a new beginning

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The discussion will take place on June 10, 2021, beginning at 10 a.m.

As part of the NGOs' Open Days 2021, the Governmetn Office for Cooperation with NGOs organise a virtual debate to discuss the CSOs roles in building the future of the Europe, as well as the strategies to be undertaken in order to turn the crisis into a new start.
As the White Paper on the Future of Europe points out, the situation in which the European Union finds itself today does not necessarily limit its development: since its founding, the European Union has turned the crises in which it found itself into an opportunity for transformation and expansion. social justice, intergenerational cooperation, gender equality, sustainable well-being and a just green and digital transition. The European Economic and Social Committee stresses the importance of gaining public support to these values, in a manner that reviews the development and governance models that need to be sustainable, build a more equal society and society in which CSOs are at the heart of recovery and resilience. The National Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia is defined by 2030 as the basic goal of developing an acceleration of inclucive economis growth in order to raise living standards and create conditions for the best quality of life for all Croatian citizens.
The panelists will discuss on the future of the Europe and the possibilities of involving all citizens in decision-making and proposing new solutions, as well as mechanisms envisaged for financing of the public politics importants for the organised civil society in Croatia.
The debate will be held virtually, via Microsoft Teams, with live streaming via YouTube channels of the Government Office for NGOs. The recording of the debate will subsequently be available on YouTube channel of the Office.
We invite all those interested in participating in the discussion to apply via the application form. The application deadline is the Wednesday, June 9, 2021, by 12 a.m.
The draft program can be found here.