8 applications for co-financing of civil society organisations projects were approved

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The Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs (GOfNGOs) adopted the first Decision on co-financing the projects of civil society organisations (CSOs) for 2024.

On the basis of the Public Call for submission of applications for the co-financing of projects of CSOs within the framework of the European Union programmes and foreign funds for the year 2024, the first Decision on the co-financing of CSOs projects for 2024 was taken.
The applications for co-financing have been submitted for the period from 23 May to 9 June 2024 and are complied with the Rules for the co-financing of CSOs projects under the EU and foreign funds programmes for 2024.
CSOs projects will be co-financed in the total amount of EUR 199.065,92€ and 10.566,00USD. The amount and percentages allocated to CSOs are specified in the first Decision.