Acknowledgment for participation in the Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership Initiative

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The second term of the Republic of Croatia in the Open Government Partnership Initiative ended in October 2019

On this occasion, the Office received a thank-you gift from the initiative for its long-standing contribution to managing the Initiative. A letter of thanks was also sent to the Steering Board.
Through the participation in the Initiative, many significant results have been achieved with direct benefits for citizens. This includes, above all, the e-Citizens project, which has provided an increasing number of e-services to citizens. At the Global Open Government Partnership Summit 2015 in Mexico City, in the area of "open government for improving public services", the e-Citizens project won the award for best European project and is internationally recognized as a successful tool for improving public service accessibility.
Also, as a direct result of the Initiative Implementation Action Plan, significant progress has been made in the field of consultation with the interested public. Specifically, online consultations in 2015 were further strengthened by the development of an online consultation system - a unique solution for public consultation, which enables citizens to comment directly on the proposed text and promote high transparency in citizen consultation.
Although no longer part of the Steering Board, the Republic of Croatia will continue to work to further advance the open government during the next cycle of action plans and continue its role in the initiative with examples of good practice. Given that Croatia has over the years created a system of support and cooperation with civil society, already recognized in the wider region, and which can be used as a good example for learning from other countries, Croatia will continue to provide support and expertise through this initiative to countries that want to learn from our experience and knowledge.