Announcement of the online event – Creative citizens cultural heritage projects

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The Europe for Citizens 2014-2020 Contact Point toghether with the Creative Europe Desk, celebrate cultural heritage days and promotes succesful projects that have discussed heritage in a cultural and socio-political context.

The Europe for Citizens Contact point at the Government Office for NGOs and the Creative Europe Desk at the Ministry of Culture and Media are organising an event called Creative Citizens in Cultural Heritage Projects. It is an online meeting that will take place on Friday, October 16, 2020 at 10 a.m. During the event, all those interested will have the opportunity to reflect on how the heritage themes are encouraged, marketed and promoted at the european level. In the introduction, the representatives of the European Commission in charge of the Creative Europe and Europe for Citizens programs will provide insight into the reflections and discussions at the European level regarding the role of common European heritage as well as the way the heritage protection will be included in the Program sin the new financial period. The participants will get an overview of interesting projects that have thematized heritage and have been supported by the Europe for Citizens and Creative Programs. The theme of heritage is the link between the projects that will be discussed at the event, while, concerning in the implementation, this topic relies on various activites and expressions from cultural and artistic, through social to political context.
As the curiosity at the end of the event, especially for this occasion, a virtual tour of the Museum of Vučedol Culture will be organised so that all participants can experience first hand some interesting contents this beautiful museum in the east of Croatia offers as well as all of the ways possible to promote heritage contents.
The aim of the meeting is to inform on funding opportunities, reflecting on projects ideas as well as networking of organisations dealing with the mentioned themes.
Registration is required to participate in the workshop since the number of participants is limited. The online workshop will be held through the MS Teams application.