Applications for the Civil Solidarity EESC reward dedicated to the fight against Coronavirus have been opened

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The EESC will reward up to 29 initiatives launched in the EU and the United Kingdom, the initiatiors of which have shown great solidarity in the fight against COVID 19 and in mitigating its devastating consequences.

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has announced the Civic Solidarity Award, a one-off award dedicated to special theme „Civil Society against COVID 19“ which will, this year, replace its traditional annual Civil Society Award.
The Civic Solidarity Award will reward creative and successfull initiatives of individuals, civil society organisations and private companies that have made an outstanding contribution to overcoming the crisis caused by COVID 19 and its severe and multiple consequences and by this have contributed to strengthening  european solidarity and contributing to a European identity based on the common EU values.
Through the prize, the EESC seeks to increase the visibility of those initiatives, as well as to raise the awareness of their importance and thus pay tribute to all the persons who have fought against Coronavirus, showing courage, commitment, solidarity and an exceptional sense of responsibility.
The EESC will award up to 29 prizes, worth € 10,000 each, to EU of UK initiatives, of which 27 for projects that are implementing in the Member Countries, one for UK projects and one for projects with a cross-border or eurpean focus.
Initiatives have to be directly linked to COVID 19, specifically to fighting the virus or overcoming it consequences. Also, the initiatives have to be either already implemented or ongoing. In addition, projects launched before the otubreak of the pandemic and were adapted to respond quickly to new challenges are also eligible.
A complete description of the conditions and an online application form are available on the following websites:;