Associations participated in the NGOs' Open Days 2020 have been rewarded

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We are thanking to all the associations for the effort and sucessfully implemented events during this year NGOs' Open Days. We are also inviting the associations to join this event next year as well!

The association from all over Croatia have opened their doors to interested citizens during the 3-days event NGOs' Open Days 2020.

The Government Office for NGOs has selected three associations that will receive an annual subscription to the magazine The participants have been selected on the basis of their engagement in the NGOs' Open Days 2020, coverage of event in the media and received supporting materials and attachments (pictures and videos from the events including evidence of coverage in the local media).

The following associations were awarded:
Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Vretenac, Slatina
Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families "Little Prince"
"Heart" - Association of children with disabilities, people with disabilities and their families

The Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Vretenac (Dragonflies) joined this year's event NGOs' Open Days with the Facebook event "All the colors of Vretenac ". During the three days of the event, through three online prize quizzes on various issues that accompany the activities, program and projects of the association as well as the lexicon "All the colors of Dragonflies", the wider local community got acquainted with the work and activities of the Association Dragonflies. Through thirty questions and interesting facts about the Association, the wider local community was introduced to the celebration of International and National Days dedicated to people with disabilities, as well as the Facebook campaigns that the Vretenac Association conducted this year.

The Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families "Little Prince" marked the NGOs' Open Days 2020 by visiting the staff of the City Library Đurđevac, art workshop with beneficiaries of the association, creative workshop for parents and beneficiaries and sports workshop. As part of the celebration of the Open Days, they organized a sales exhibition stand in front of the City Market where they presented works created at the creative workshops of the association and distributed leaflets about the projects and programs of the association.

The Association "Srce" (Heart) virtually opened the doors of their house of support "Srčeko" (Little Heart) to all interested visitors in order to respect the measures as well as protect their services beneficiaries. For this occasion, a video was recorded in which they presented the work of the association and the way they are helping citizens and the local community during the corona crisis on the Facebook pages of the association.