Awarded associations that participated on the NGOs Open Days 2021

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On the basis of the submitted reports regarding the implemented NGO Open Days 2021 activities, the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs awarded five association.

Around 200 events were organised all over Croatia during this year NGOs Open Days.
The associations participated in different ways organising on line workshops and lectures, but also a series of events that could also be physicaly attended.
The GOfNGOs would like to thank all associations that send reports of events held and on the basis of which the following associations were specially awarded an annual subscription to the magazine
  • Voluntary Fire Brigade Vrhovac
  • Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities „Jaglac“ (Primrose) Orahovica
  • Association of Families with three or more children
  • Women vocal band „Ive“
  • Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families „Little princ“
We invite all associations to respond to theNGOs Open Days next year as well, and thus bring their activities closer to the citizens and encourage them to get involved in their activities.