CEMEX and DALMACIJACEMENT Launched a Call for Proposal: Contribution to the Development of the Social Community

CEMEX and DALMACIJACEMENT launched a call for proposals for making contributions to the development of the social community. All organizations, NGOs, clubs and societies whose field of activities pertains to the improvement of the quality of life in social community, are eligible.
Interested organizations may apply their proposals in the framework of the following topics:
  • Education – initiatives for specialization and education
  •  Community development – initiatives for development of local communities according to the needs and plans
The deadline for the submission of proposals is 20 June 2008. The results will be published in September 2008 through means of public communication.
Hereby we are also announcing the future calls for proposals in the areas of HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT and CULTURE that will be launched in September 2008.

Detailed information and the application form are available on http://www.cemex.com.hr.