Civil Dialogue – A New Publication of the Office for Cooperation with NGOs

Office for Cooperation with NGOs published a new publication concerning civil dialogue. The publication is a translation of the study about existing practices in the area of development of civil dialogue in the European Union, conducted by the EU Civil Society Contact Group, which is a Bruxelles-based network of the largest European NGOs.
Publishing of the study corresponds with the process of preparation of new standards of consultations between the state and civil society in the processes of adoption of laws and other legal acts. This process is foreseen by Operational Implementation plan for the National Strategy for the Creation of an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development, adopted by the Croatian Government on 1 February 2007. The fourth chapter of the Operational Implementation Plan foresees the adoption of the Code of Good Practice for Consultations and Promoting its Implementation. As competent authorities for implementation of this measure, the Office and the Council for the Development of Civil Society will carry on the public discussion on that issue.
The date of the public presentation of the study will be published soon.