Cooperation with Civil Society Organisations during Croatian Membership in the UN Security Council

Upon initiative of the Council for Development of Civil Society and the Office for Cooperation with NGOs, a meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration took place on 22 January 2008. The meeting was focusing on the possibilities of the civil society organizations (CSOs) contribution to the quality of Croatian participation in the UN Security Council.
The participants of the meeting underscored the importance of the contribution of Croatian CSOs to the peace building processes in the country. This includes humanitarian activities, working with refugees, veterans, and other vulnerable groups, working on the democratization of the country, protecting the human rights and freedom of press, and establishing the rule of law. In addition to that, it was pointed out that wide knowledge and experience of Croatian CSOs in that area may be helpful for many other countries and their CSOs encountering the situation similar to the one that prevailed in Croatia during the last decade.
The Assistant Minister from the Directorate for International Organisations and Security, Mr. Pjer Šimunovi─ç, introduced the main priorities of the Republic of Croatia during its Security Council membership and expressed his willingness to establish continuing dialogue with CSOs.
The representatives of the Council for the Development of Civil Society put forward a necessity of regular informing and counseling on the Security Council agenda. As a result, the participants agreed on the regular organization of round tables and public discussions whereby the wide spectrum of CSOs could take part in important discussions aiming at contributing to the quality of formulations and presentations of Croatian viewpoints at the Security Council sessions.
Taking into account the objectives of the National Strategy for the Creation of an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development, the participants of the meeting discussed also the necessity of more quality participation of CSOs in preparation and implementation of Croatian development aid policy, and the implementation of the millennium development goals.
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