Europe for Citizens program - an interactive workshop for the development of project ideas for upcoming Calls in 2020 was held in Zagreb

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The Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs as the contact point of the Europe for Citizens Program 2014-2020 held an interactive workshop for the development of project ideas on December, the 17th, 2019, at the Europe House in Zagreb

A total of 40 participants (representatives of associations, universities, local self-government units, local action groups, public institutions) were introduced to the structure, goals and priorities of the Program through interactive exercises and expert lectures in the first part of the workshop. After the introductory lecture, the participants, with the help of the advice and recommendations of the Program Contact Point's representative, Zeljka Markulin, improved their project proposals, which they plan to apply to one of the upcoming tenders in 2020.

At the end of the workshop, Dijana Kuzman Staudinger from the EC Presidency in Croatia briefly outlined the new five-year priorities of the newly elected European Commission and the work of Europe Direct Information Centers (EDIC), which at the level of Croatia represent the network of information providers in Europe. If you are looking for advice, assistance in the neighborhood or a local forum to promote dialogue and awareness of EU policies, you can contact the nearest information center. EDICs give information related to:

• your rights in the European Union, funding, etc.
• calls for local EU-related information / contact events
• EU documents and publications
• reference to other sources of information
• contact information for the competent authorities.