INFO DAYS on Calls for financing of CSOs project/programs from public sources at national level in 2020

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Calls for financing project and programs from the State Budget and EU funds that will be published by the ministries, Government Offices and other public institution were presented for eleventh year in row to interested CSOs

Info days on calls for financing project and programs of civil society organisations from the State Budget and EU funds in 2020 were organised by the Government Office for NGOs in cooperation with the state administration bodies – donors of funds from public sources.
The video transmission was enabled during the event aiming at informing and active participation as many of interested applicants as can be out of the City of Zagreb.
The video transmission including the recording of this two days event, is available on the YoutTube channel Office for NGOs.
It should be pointed out that the interest for this year Info days was great as it has always been. More than 100 participants attended the event.
By this we would like to thank all of the interested who followed us directly or through our web pages.
All the presentations of the institutions - donors are available here.