Invitation to the Workshop: Process of Preparation and Application of Project Proposals for Phare 2006 Civil Society Sector, Zagreb, 4 March 2008

Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of Republic of Croatia and the Council for Civil Society Development organized a workshop on preparing application forms and drafting a budget for applying to the program Phare 2006 Enabling the Civil Society Sector for Active Contribution in the Pre-accession process.
The workshop aimed to introduce the participants to the program documentation of the Phare 2006 and the general eligibility conditions of project proposals, to present the logical framework approach as a basis for management of the project cycle and to provide information on conditions which have to be met when drafting project proposals.
The lectures were given by Marina Buza-Vidas, Expert Assistant in the Office for Cooperation with NGOs, and the members of the Council for Civil Society Development, Sandra Benčić and Lidija Pavić-Rogošić. The workshop was held on 4 March, at the premises of the InformationCenter of the European Union in Zagreb