Journal Civilnodruš in a New Design

National Foundation for Civil Society Development published a new issue of the only specialized Croatian journal in the area of civil society “Civilnodruš”. The new issue is characterized by new design and partially modified conception. After fifteen issues of that bilingual and bimonthly journal were published, the editorial board carried out a consultation with readers as well as with representatives of interested and influential public. Thereafter they decided to modify the conception adjusting it to the needs of the target audience. According to the participants of the consultation, it is one of the major priorities of NGOs to enhance visibility of their work in the public. Therefore, the new issue of the journal includes professional papers whereby NGOs’ contributions in many areas of public sphere are presented to wider audience. Apart from being informative, the new issue of the magazine has an educational function as well, as it deals with various relevant issues and explains concepts in the area of civil society. The concept of civil activism, for example, is a concept elaborated in that first redesigned issue. You can find an electronic version of the magazine here.