Local changes to a sustainable future

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A video promoting achievements of CSOs projects under the Swiss-Croatian Programme of Cooperation.

Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs (GOfNGOs) has created a video presenting experience of implementation of Swiss-Croation Cooperation Programme, i.e. calls aimed at the CSOs conducted by the GOfNGOs.
The video is available on the GOfNGOs Youtube Channel.
Within the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme, GOfNGOs acts as an Intermediate Body and Executive Agency for projects aimed at promoting civil society contributins to economic and social cohesion, through a grant in value of 5,28 million CHF, and for projects aiming at promoting partnerships and bilateral cooperation between Croation and Swiss non-profit organisations, through grants worth 2,2 million CHF.
The Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme supports numerous of activities through projects of demininig and socio-economic integration and water supply infrastructure improvement projects and by providing preconditions for successful scientific research projects, promoting partnerships and bilateral cooperation between Croatian and Swiss CSOs and promoting civil society contribution to economic and social cohesion. More about other projects from the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme is available here.