National Foundation for Civil Society Development Launched a Preparation of the Strategic Plan 2008-2011

In September and October this year, National Foundation for Civil Society Development conducted an online consultation with representatives of interested public which included representatives of NGOs as well as public and private sector. The main purpose of the consultation was to evaluate the implementation of the Strategy of Operation of the National Foundation 2004-2007 and to outline new strategic goals and possible improvements for the next 4-year period. At the same time, the consultation enabled everyone to bring forth proposals of candidates for the new executive board of the Foundation. Respondents participating in the online consultation could be divided into the following groups: representatives of NGOs (81.55%), representatives of the state administration (3.88%), representatives of local and regional self-governance (1.94%) and others (12.62%). All answers, suggestions and reflections will be included in the Proposal of the Strategic Plan of the Operation of the Foundation 2008-2011, whereas everyone interested will be invited to take part in the final roundtable discussion about the Proposal which is planned to be held in February 2008.