NGO Network Capacity Building in Croatia

Academy for Educational Development (AED) presented its final report on the NGO network capacity building in the Republic of Croatia, which was carried out within the “CroNGO” programme. The report deals with programme activities, lessons learned and examples of good practice, and introduces a number of recommendations for NGO networks and donors for future strengthening of NGO networks in Croatia. 

Thanks to USAID, in the period from 2001 to 2007, $12.5 million have been invested into development of NGOs' sector with the aim to foster its active engagement in democratic, economic and social development of the Republic of Croatia.

The report should serve as a useful guide for all novel NGO networks and should help them to find examples of good practice from other organizations as well as to facilitate the process of adopting all the necessary procedures.  

In the appendix (in Croatian), you can find the list of NGO networks supported by AED and application of their internal procedures, structure and management techniques.

English version of the report (and appendix in Croatian) can be downloaded here.