Office for Gender Equality and Zagrebačka banka Inc. Launched Calls for Proposals

Office for Gender Equality launched a call for proposals for application of the NGO projects for granting financial support in the framework of the available resources of the State Budget 2008.

The deadline for delivering the project proposals is 30 days as of the publication in the daily press, or the 1 July 2008.

More information on the Call and the application form are available on the Office for Gender Equality’s website.

Zagrebačka banka Inc. has launched the Call for Proposals for Granting Donations, which is being launched for the 10th consecutive year.

The Call contains three new areas in place of the four categories that were in use so far. At the same time, the amount of resources provided for each category has been increased up to 450.000 kn.
The Call will be opened by the 30 June 2008. The detailed information and the application forms are available here.