Open government and COVID - 19

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After facing challenges that has not been lived till present time and having in focus values that initiative advocates – from the openness and transparency till fighting corruption, the Open Government Partnership initiative collect good practices publishing them on their web sites. Those are examples of different approaches the countries are using in fighting COVID – 19 pandemia causing by the SARS –Cov -2 virus. Also, considering the fact the a.m. values became more important in the present crises than ever before, many countries from the open governments’ community seek to find ways to implement those principles of transparency, accountability and inclusion in making solutions to COVID – 19 challenges. Namely, those values of open government can be found under a lot of pressure, in the moments of reaction to the disaster, but also, can contribute to better solutions, as well.

Open Government Partnership initiative strive to help in making the space open for different communities to share their experiences of open government applications in fighting the COVID – 19, from pubic or civil sector, or citizens initiatives, as well as private sector.

The collected examples are available here.