Phare 2006 Enabling the Civil Society Sector for the Active Contribution in the Pre-Accession Process in the Area of the Democratisation and Human Rights: Call for Proposals

Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, Central Finance and Contracting Unit, published a call for proposals of projects requesting grants by the programme Phare 2006. Any grant awarded under this programme will fall between €50.000,00 and €100.000,00. All non-for-profit and non-governmental organizations and their formal networks are eligible to apply. Local and regional self-governments and development agencies may be involved as partners and/or co-financers in projects but may not apply as applicants, whereas educational, development and research institutions are eligible upon condition that they will not derive any profit and that the results will be of public benefit.
The following types of action may be financed under this call: promotion and implementation of anti-corruption activities, including raising awareness activities on issues related to conflict of interest; promotion and protection of the principles of the rule of law, and transparent and responsible public administration, through involvement of citizens in decision making process and increasing of the level of accountability of all sectors; increasing CSOs and citizens participation in developing, implementing and monitoring of public policies, programmes and plans important for local community development; promotion of development of voluntary work, solidarity and philanthropy; promotion of the values of tolerance, pluralism, inter-culturalism and combating any form of discrimination; promotion and development of non-violent methods of conflict resolution and reconciliation etc.
The guidelines for grant applicants may be downloaded on the website of the Central Finance and Contract Unit. The deadline for submission of proposal is 31 March 2008.