Presentation of funding opportunities for the non-profit and public sector through the Union program: Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values ​​(CERV), in Križevci

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Information event of the National Contact Point of the CERV program

On 1 December 2021, in Križevci, the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs (GOfNGOs), as the National Contact Point, will present funding opportunities for the non-profit and public sector in the financial period 2021-2027 through the Union of Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values ​​(CERV) program.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 in the space of the Cyty Library Franjo Marković, in Križevci (14, St. Florian Square, Križevci), from 11:00 to 12.15 hours.
The Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values ​​program (CERV) is the largest program in the history of the European Union designed to protect and promote the rights and values ​​embeded in the fundamental Treaties and the EU Charter of Fundamental Values: Democracy, Governance rights, fundamental rights, transparency and good governance. The new centralised programme covers the areas of Europe for Citizens, Rights, Equality and Citizenship and DAPHNE, dedicated to building a more democratic Europe and raising citizens' and citizens' awareness of Union rights and values through financial support for the non-profit and public sector. In the financial period 2021-2027, the forcasted budget of the CERV Programme is EUR 1,5 billion and will be distributed to 4 thematic sections: 1) The value of the Union; 2) Equality, law and gender equality; 3) Inclusion and participation of citizens; 4) Daphne – fight against all forms of violence.
GOfNGOs acts as the National Contact Point of the CERV programme, which is responsible for informing and educationg about he Programme, strengthening its visibility in the Republic of Croatia and providing technical support to applicants and project promoters.
The event will be held in cooperation with the City of Križevci.

The program of the event is available here

Due to current epidemiological measures, the number of participants is limited and the applications will be closed following the completion of the allowed capacity of the area in which the event will be held. Please note that COVID certification is required when entering the library premises and wearing protective masks for the face is mandatory.