Profit Sector and Social Responsibility: Coca-Cola Beverages Published the Second Report on Sustainability

Coca-Cola Beverages Croatia published its Second Report on Sustainability covering the period from 2005 to 2006. The Report contains information on questions which the company deals with in the context of its social responsibility activities, including obligations, values and concrete results. The Report meets high standards of writing reports by means of the new G3 framework of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and places Coca-Cola Beverages Croatia among leading Croatian companies in terms of writing reports on sustainability.
The corporate social responsibility is presented by an assessment of performance by means of GRI indicators, which deal with the issue of sustainability through four different fields:
  • Market (an effort to achieve the highest standards of quality and to improve customer services, as well as to tag the products in line with European standards)
  • Workplace (strengthening of human resources, reduction of workplace injuries, research of employees’ satisfaction)
  • Environment (ISO 14001 standards applied for all machinery, systems of risk assessment, quality management and environmental impact)
  • Community (donations for humanitarian purposes amounting to up to one million KN per year, partnership with Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association)
The Report entirely reflects the company’s effort to improve social and ecological aspects of business and to transfer these obligations to its shareholders as well. Through membership in the United Nations Global Compact Initiative in Croatia, Coca-Cola Beverages Croatia took on leading position in the field of corporate social responsibility in Croatia.