Program of Financial Support of the Flamish Government for Projects of Co-operation with the Republic of Croatia

In the framework of the program of financial support of the Flamish Government for the projects of co-operation with countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which is the instrument aimed at strengthening the bilateral relations with the targeted countries, the Republic of Croatia has been allocated the total sum of 700.000 EUR, with the 85% of financial contribution on the Flemish Government's part. The period of submission of project proposals is open from 1 January to 31 March 2009.

The project proposal should be designed in collaboration with the Flemish „promotor“ – a company, organization or institution active in the area of Flandry or the Flemish linguistic area of Brussels – which will be in charge of coordination and management of the project and will be together with its foreign (Croatian) partner accountable for implementation of the project. Project proposals are going be evaluated upon a set of criteria which include:
  • Flemish priorities (sufficient transfer of expertise, know-how and experience as well as the development of networks with the Flemish side)
  • EU priorities (compliance with the requirements of accessing the EU and other programs related to adoption and implementation of the Acquis)
  • Sustainability of the plan (structural improvements and the possibility of the foreign (Croatian) partner to carry on with the project after the end of Flemish financial support)
  • Possibility of transfer of implementation of the project (to other cities, regions etc.)
  • Active participation of the partner country (its contribution to the total sum of the costs of the project, participation in the project management, sectoral diversity of the actors involved in the project)
  • Methodology (definition of needs that are being addressed by the project, definition of results that are to be achieved, and consistency and verifiability of the plan of activities)
  • Budget balance (proportionality of proposed structure of costs vis-a-vis planned results, and justifiability of costs)
Maximum duration of projects is 3 years, while the maximum sum of grants will amount to 300.000 EUR (the maximum sum of allocation for projects whose duration does not exceed 12 months, will amount to 150.000,00 EUR).
The detailed instructions and application forms could be found on the website of the Flemish Government.