Public Call „Communication support to service learning programs of associations 2020“

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Public call
„Communication support to service learning programs of associations 2020“
The theme: „Local development“
Publication date: July 20, 2020
Deadline: September 4, 2020
The Government Office for NGOs, in cooperation with the Croatian Public Relations Association, invites associations working in the area of sustainable development through service learning activities in the local community to apply for the Public Call "Communication support for socially useful programs of associations" in order to promote their activities within the NGOs’ Open Days 2020.
This Public Call aims to promote local development through service learning activities in local communities. Local development is aimed at improving the quality of life of the local area, developing and preserving local values through the cooperation of a wide range of stakeholders. Civil society organizations (CSOs) are important actors in a democratic society, and often find the best solutions to local community problems because they know and take into account local needs and interests, work on building trust, strengthening citizen participation, social networks and support, and building good relations in a community.
Activities that will be provided with the communication support through the Public Call must be carried out in the period between 1 October and 31 December 2020. Also, the associations that apply to the Public Call must participate in the NGOs' Open Days 2020.
Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs and the Croatian Association for public relations in cooperation with the agencies for public relations (Communication Alphabet and Light Communication) will provide two associations with professional communication support of public relations mentor advisors in creating and implementing of media and communications plans to promote their service learning activities/programs.
For each association, a professional support and financing of the costs of producing promotional materials and advertising the service learning program is provided. As part of the Public Call, activities will be financed to promote the visibility of the association's work in order to strengthen the communication capacities of the association and to promote service learning activities. The Government Office for NGOs will award two financial supports in the amount of HRK 30,000.00 each.
Award criteria:
  • contribution of activities to the common good
  • promoting local development
  • innovation of planned activities
  • feasibility and completeness of the proposed project
  • project sustainability
  • the association actively promotes its regular activities within the event “NGOs Open days”