Questionnaire for NGOs participation in risk assessment of vulnerability to terrorist financing

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NGO sector as integral part of the modern global environment traditionally enjoys considerable public trust, which is one of the preconditions of NGO sector successfulness in reaching its goals.

Despite that or due to that, NGO activities can become targets of those individuals or organisations whose goals are not entirely well - meaning. Terrorists and terroristic organisations abuse the NGO sector, as well, for collecting and moving funds, providing logistical support and encouraging terrorist recruitment. Activities that involve the collection or disbursement of funds such as humanitarian, charitable, religious, cultural, educational or social are more exposed to terrorist financing vulnerabilities.

Following the Ministry of Finance Information on potential vulnerabilities of NGOs and donor community to terrorist financing, that we published in March 2023 at the GOfNGOs web pages, this questionnaire is intended to collecting data for assessing risk of NGOs to terrorist financing in the Republic of Croatia. The risk assessment results will be presented to NGO sector together with the activities to be implemented with the aim of decreasing risk of terrorist financing.

Please note that this questionnaire is anonymous and the Office for Prevention of Money Laundering of Ministry of Finance and GOfNGOs invite all NGOs to cooperate in filling out the questionnaire.

We thank you in advance for your involvement in the fight against terrorism at the domestic and global level.

The Office for Prevention of Money Laundering of Ministry of Finance Questionnaire on the risk assessment of NGOs to terrorist financing is available at the link: