Report from the NGO Days 2008.

Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs in co-operation with the Council for the Development of Civil Society and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development organized an international conference “NGO Days 2008”, which was held on Friday and Saturday, 13 and 14 June 2008 in Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb.

The conference brought together representatives of Croatian and European civil society organizations and offered them an insight into the most significant recent developments in the area of civil society in Croatia through different forms of public discussions and thematic workshops. Apart from the civil society representatives, the event also gathered representatives of relevant state administrative bodies, European institutions and donor community, independent experts in the field and all other interested public. An important part of the agenda included parallel round tables on which different civil society sectors were presented both from the Croatian and the European point of view.

Participants of plenary sessions and round tables were actively involved in all discussions. The Office for Cooperation with NGOs will inform the Council for Civil Society Development, state administrative bodies and other relevant subjects on all interesting suggestions and conclusions that were expressed during the discussions.

The report from the NGO Days 2008 (in Croatian) can be downloaded here.