Results of the first deadline for the submission of applications within the Europe for Citizens program 2014-2020

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EACEA published the results of the tender for 3 measures: 1.1. European memory, 2.1. Town twinning and 2.2. Networking of cities, with application deadline February 1 and March 1.

2 projects were selected for funding within the European Remembrance and Town Twinning Call for proposals, while 1 project was selected in the Networking of Cities Call first deadline. The total value of funded projects is EUR 360,660.00. Also, another 54 organizations from Croatia will be included in the projects total value of EUR 2,612,140.00 implementation as partners.
Within the Unit 1, European Memory, the following projects were contracted:

DOCUMENTA CENTER FOR DEALING WITH THE PAST, Meeting Memories: Learning from the Past to Confront Dehumanization Today, EUR 98,530.00,

ASSOCIATION OF ANTI-FASCIST FIGHTERS AND ANTI-FASCISTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, European anti-fascism legacy - a tool for fighting against contemporary forms of discrimination and intolerance EUR 98,530.00, while within Unit 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation, funds were realized by:

- as part of the measure 2.1. Town twinning:

WOMEN FROM THE CENTER OF THE WORLD: Toward solidarity and tolerance in the EU, EUR 20,160.00,

- as part of the measure 2.2. City networking:

LAG PRI-ZAG: Europe Future of Young in Rural Area, EUR 118,440.00.

Congratulations to all successful applicants!

The next deadline for project applications is Tuesday, September 1, 2020, for Measure 2.1. Town twinning, 2.2. Networking of cities and 2.3. Civil society projects.

Good luck everyone with signing up!