Results of the second and last deadline of the Program Europe for Citizens 2014-2020

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The EACEA published the results of the Call with a deadline of 1 September 2020 for measures 2.1. Town twinning, 2.2. Networking of cities and 2.3. Civil society projects

The EACEA has published the results of the second application deadline for proposals, September 1st, regarding the measures: 2.1. Town twinning, 2.2. Networking of cities and 2.3. Civil society projects. The European Commission received a total of 37 project proposals from Croatia within this deadline.

As part of the measure Networking of cities, as many as 5 projects were successfully selected. Within the the measure 2.3. Civil society projects one project was selected, while in the case of the measure 2.2. Networking of cities, there were no successful applicants. The total value of funded projects is 212,390 EUR, and, in addition 39 organizations from Croatia will implment the projects as partners.

Within Unit 2. Democratic engagement and civic participation:
- as part of measure 2.1. Town twinning:
1. CITY OF LUDBREG Minorities Summit in Ludbreg € 25,000
2. MUNICIPALITY OF LEGRAD The 12th European Picnic of small communities: At the crossroads-26 communities from 13 countries to discuss how to make Europe stronger € 25.000
3. CITY OF ZAGREB CITIES for EU future € 16,630
4. MUNICIPALITY OF KONJŠČINA Empowering DEMOocracy and Solidarity in EU € 25,000
5. CITY OF KLANJEC: EU Future Challenges - Diversity is our advantage € 25.000
- as part of measure 2.3. Civil society projects:
6. POU (Public Open School) Varaždin: Moving Forward in Europe with Volunteering € 95,760

Congratulations to all successful applicants!