Schueler Helfen Leben Published a Tender for Youth Projects

Schueler Helfen Leben (SHL) is a philanthropic organization which supports youth projects in the South East Europe that are aimed at building peace and democracy in the region. So far, it has donated more than €15 million, financing more than one hundred projects in Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo. The way in which they collect finances for donations is rather unique: from 1998 onwards, SHL invites German disciples to take part in the project called “Social Day”; on that day, disciples may choose to work rather than attend classes, and donate their daily earnings to SHL. This year, SHL will donate a part of collected money to non-profit organizations which have a capacity to independently conduct projects dealing with improvement of the status of children and youth. A priority will be given to projects that will have an intercultural approach and will strengthen local community, and especially to those which will deal with rural areas. 
More information on the Call for porposals here.