World Bank – Civil Society Fund 2009

World Bank has launched a Call for Proposal in the framework of the Civil Society Fund 2009 in Croatia. The overall sum of grants in year 2009 will amount to 45.000 USD, whilst the sum of individual grants will vary from 3.000 USD to 7.000 USD.

The general objective of this program is to create conditions for indiscriminate and comprehensive development by means of strengthening citizens for taking on stronger initiative in the processes of development.
Civil Society Fund 2009 supports activities whose primary goal is civic engagement aimed at backing activities oriented towards improvement of the final results of development. By these activities, mechanisms for inclusion, accountability and cooperation are being strengthened. At the same time, they should contribute to the setting up of partnerships with public sector, other civil society organizations and private sector.
Civil Society Fund 2009, established in 1983, carries on with the promotion of dialogue and dissemination of information on development in various fora outside the regular activities of the World Bank. It also aims to support the dissemination of information on the above-mentioned topics, as well as on the opportunities for entrepreneurship, development of skills which could strengthen the pauperized and marginalized groups, and the potential influence of the civil society and private sector on the decision-making processes of central and local authorities.
The deadline for submission of application is 13 March 2009. Detailed information on the Call and the application forms are available here.