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Information workshop for potential applicants to the Call "Strengthening the capacity of CSOs to respond to the needs of the local community"The workshop will held in a virtual way on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, starting at 11:00 AM. The purpose and conditions of applying for the Call will be explained at the workshop. 24.12.2020. | Page
Publication of the Call for Proposals „Strengthening the capacitry of CSOs to respond to the needs of the local community“On 16 December 2020, the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs announces a Call for applications, which is open for applications from 4 January 2021. 24.12.2020. | Page
The European Commission public consultation on the future of rural developmentThe public consultation lasts until November 30, 2020. 30.11.2020. | Page
Questionnaire on the perception of the corruption in CroatiaThe Questionnaire is the basis for the development of the new Anti-Corruption Strategy for the period from 2021 to 2030. 29.10.2020. | Page
Associations participated in the NGOs' Open Days 2020 have been rewardedWe are thanking to all the associations for the effort and sucessfully implemented events during this year NGOs' Open Days. We are also inviting the associations to join this event next year as well! 22.10.2020. | Page
NGOs' Open Days 2020 event was heldAssociations throughout Croatia opened their doors to interested citizens during 3-days event NGO Open Days 2020. 14.10.2020. | Page
Announcement of the online event – Creative citizens cultural heritage projects The Europe for Citizens 2014-2020 Contact Point toghether with the Creative Europe Desk, celebrate cultural heritage days and promotes succesful projects that have discussed heritage in a cultural and socio-political context. 13.10.2020. | Page
Associations in CroatiaThe Government Office for NGOs has prepared an informative infographics about associations in the Republic of Croatia. 12.10.2020. | Page
Results of Public call „Communication support to service learning programs of associations in 2020“Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs and the Croatian Association for public relations in cooperation with the agencies for public relations (Communication Alphabet and Light Communication) will provide two associations with professional communication support. 12.10.2020. | Page