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The Croatian Law on Associations regulates the foundation, registration, legal status and termination of existence of associations with a legal entity status in the Republic of Croatia. Associations present all forms of a free and voluntary partnership between natural persons or legal entities, who submit to certain rules determining the organization and domain of such partnership, in order to protect their benefits or to advocate protection of human rights and freedom, as well as their environmental, humanitarian, information, cultural, national, pronatalist, educational, social, vocational, sports, technical, health, scientific or other beliefs and aims, with no intention of profit-making.

An association can be formed by no less than three founders. The founder of an association can be every legally capable natural person if such capacity has not been withdrawn in the part of conducting legal deals. The founder can also be a legal entity. The founders can also include a minor aged 14, as well as an adult whose legal capacity has been withdrawn in the part of conducting legal deals, but with a formerly attested consent by a legal representative or custodian.

The associations are enlisted in the Association Register of the Republic of Croatia which is managed by the public administration offices within local authorities and by the Office for General Administration of the City of Zagreb, which receive the requests for the register entry.
Here you can find the information and answers to frequently asked questions that we answer on a daily basis, regarding the foundation and registration of a local and foreign association, economic activities of an association, assets, accounting, tax and customs regulations applied to associations, as well as other obligations of an association, such as the obligation of ZAMP payment, monitoring of the associations’ work and what circumstances can lead to the suspension of the activities of an association.

We would like to point out that these answers to FAQ present only the framework guideline for the matters concerning the foundation and management of an association, and wherever it is possible the reference is given to the original documents so that all interested parties can get the complete information. When it comes to the legal interpretation of specific questions referring to the registration of associations, the competent bodies are public administration offices within local authorities and the Office for General Administration of the City of Zagreb, which also manage the registration of associations. We would also like to mention that complaints against Decisions made by public administration offices are dealt with by the Ministry of Public Administration, while the necessary forms and additional useful information can be found on the website of the mentioned Ministry.