NGOs Open Days 2015

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NGOs' Open Days 2015 were held from 28th to 30th of May 2015 and almost 500 associations opened their doors throughout Croatia.

In the fourth consecutive year the associations from every Croatian county organised a series of events in order to present to the interested public their socially beneficial projects and programs implemented in their local communities. By participating in the associations’ activities, the citizens were able to get an insight into a wide range of the associations’ activities and be motivated for continuous engagement in their local communities, either as beneficiaries or volunteers.
During those three days the activities were organised of organic urban gardening and raising awareness of local government on the need for citizens' participation in creating the content on public and green spaces, and the innovative projects were presented, aimed at improving the quality of citizens’ life, such as a mobile application for blind persons. Also, the best students’ socio-entrepreneurial ideas were awarded with prizes and creative workshops and performances were held. The trainings were conducted for various target groups, and the anniversaries of the associations’ work were celebrated, in addition to many other interesting events. The information on the associations that opened their doors, including their activities, are available at, as well as on the facebook page:
In 2015, which is celebrated as the European Year for Development, NGOs' Open Days represented an opportunity to strengthen  further solidarity and confidence in local communities and to remind of the important role of CSOs in connecting citizens when dealing with problems and creating networks of mutual support.
On the NGOs Open Days 2015, the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs organised the conference “Associations as agents of local development” on May 27th in Zagreb, where the good examples of cooperation between local authorities and associations were discussed. On that occasion the mobile application "UdrugeInfo" was presented, with the view of increasing the visibility of the organisations in local community and strengthening the citizens’ participation in the activities carried out by associations. The "UdrugeInfo" application enables not only an easy data search on the activities and services of the registered associations according to the place, time or the information contained in the Register of Associations, but also an easy access to the association which is of interest to the citizens. The Application is now available for Android mobile phones and will soon be available for Apple phones. More information can be found on the Government Office webpage, while the Application may also be accessed via the website: