CARDS 2003/2004

CARDS 2003/2004 – Grant Scheme «Good Governance and Rule of Law»

Funds: 1,200,000.00 euros
The competition started on: 20. June 2005
Project duration: from 18 to 24 months
Funds from „Promotion of democracy and human rights“ CARDS 2003 and „Human Rights“ CARDS 2004 resources have been put together for the competition.
After the process of programming, co-financing contracts were signed by six associations. All projects are in the process of implementation and the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs monitors the results of the implementation through an established procedure of monitoring, field trips, regular reporting from the users of funds, receiving quarterly, semi-annual and final reports. The users are provided with technical assistance funded by CARDS 2004, which is at their disposal for all questions and assistance in project implementation. Technical assistance is also offered by the members of the Project Implementation Unit of the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs on their field trips.

Overview of fund users:

CESI –Enhancement of the Gender Equality Legal Framework
The aim of the project is to raise the public awareness of the unequal position of women and to create the conditions for achieving de facto equality between sexes through efficient application of the legal framework. A special stress has been put on strengthening women in decision-making processes on the labour market.

GONG - Promotion of the principles of good governance and increased citizens’ participation in the decision making process in the Republic of Croatia
The aim of the protect is to promote participatory democracy, especially at local levels. With that aim in mind, there will be educational activities and public advocacy processes will be carried out, as well as encouraging communication between the local authorities and various citizens' groups.

Green Action – Good Governance and the Rule of Law in Croatian Environmental Policy
The aim of the project is directed at education on environmental policy and legislative framework for its implementation with lawyers and civil society organizations so they could influence environmental policy but also at encouraging citizens to participate in the decision-making process through advocacy and free legal help.

Partnership for Social Development – Civic Society Anti-Corruption Response
The project's objective is to enable real social change through civic activity aimed at civil society capacity building in the Republic of Croatia, as well as human and citizens' rights protection and support to those activities striving towards social change at the level of politics and legislation and concerning decision making.

Centre for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights – Paths towards Law and Justice
The project's objective is to contribute to better access to law and justice and realization of citizens' and human rights of vulnerable citizens' groups. One of the activities is providing free legal assistance and monitoring the exercise of law by competent institutions.

Mental Disability Advocacy Centre, Budapest: Bridging the Gap: Civil Society Promoting Access to Justice for People with Mental Disabilities in Croatia
The project's objective is to monitor human rights of people with mental disabilities in the Republic of Croatia and setting up mechanisms for the fulfilment of their rights through free legal help, information, education and monitoring and analysis of the legislation.