CARDS 2004

CARDS 2004 – Grant Scheme, „Grants to Civil Society Organizations Active in Environment and Sustainable Development“ and „Social Services Delivery“

Funds: 2,638,016.92 euros
Starting date of the competition: 31. October 2006 and 13 November 2006
Upon programming and agreeing on funds, two competitions were opened – for the filed of environmental protection and for associations providing services in health care, social welfare and extra institutional education. All project drafts received passed through four evaluation stages. After the selection, until 29 June 2007, 17 contracts for co-financing have been signed with civil society organizations in the total amount of 2.638,016.92 euros. The deadline for the signing the contract was 29 June 2007. Immediately upon the signing of the contracts, in July 2007, a public presentation of projects was organized where associations had a chance to present their objectives, which they would achieve with the help of allocated funds.
In addition, an educational workshop was organized, where users acquired knowledge and skills that would help them to implement their projects in the best possible way.
The Office is currently in the process of setting up a system for monitoring the implementation of all activities to be performed by the Project Implementation Unit members. In June and August, activities of a team of experts are coordinated (the means authorized from EU funds are 199,999.00 euros). They are engaged in providing technical help to PIU and CARDS 2004 grant scheme users, as well as CARDS 2003/2004 grant scheme users. This type of cooperation will contribute to making better partnerships with civil society organizations.
The next workshop for CARDS 2004 programme fund users on the subject of project management will be organized in the course of 2008.

An overview of all authorized projects can be downloaded here.